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01.Casting technology is exquisite, in good appearance, practical and durable.
Artwork manufacturing experiences for many years, vast product variety, extensive application scope, product appearance and effect can be manually drawn according to the client’s requirements
02.Reliable production technology
The Company has taken up artwork industry for 10 years, has stable material formula and reliable die-sinking/production technology.
03.Diversified product, guaranteed quality
We use high-quality materials to produce products, the product are environment-friendly. We can undertake design of different sizes. you can many choices.
Grand Crafts DonGguan Great Plan Crafts Co.,Ltd
is a manufacturer specializing in artwork production. Product variety is vast, application scope is extensive, such as artificial potted plant, Roman column, fountain series, garden ornamental article, household pendant/ornamental article and so on. Product appearance and effect can be manually drawn to be such colors as ancient-style, artificial wood texture, artificial timbo, artificial ceramics, artificial sandstone and so on according to the client’s requirements...
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DonGguan Great Plan Crafts Co.,Ltd
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Atten:+86-13751222632/ Jessie.So
+86-15024150333/ George Chow
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