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Roman speaks mold manufacturers to pay attention

Now, more and more people tend to use instead of expensive marble Roman column, and decorative effect is also very good, very beautiful. However, Roman manufacturers is how to produce this charming product of it? Roman is Roman manufacturers using the corresponding mold is made of a positive process, the mold is good or bad often determines the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the outstanding Roman factory has its own unique mold curing methods. Here, we have to share with you our company's maintenance method it.
Roman mold conservation issues to consider: Roman column and timber, is a porous material which can breathe, it is easy to absorb moisture, or via contaminated water immersion dissolved. If the Roman absorb excess moisture and pollution, will inevitably cause a variety of problems Roman, Roman mold such as: crack, weathered, falling, floating, vomiting yellow, water spots, rust, Bai Hua, matte, etc. annoying problem.
Thus Roman rinsed with water should be avoided or too wet mop wash Roman surface. Roman column Roman column mold dedicated even spend a good repellant, long-term denial of pollution can not be a hundred percent, so be decontaminated immediately.
All Roman mold are afraid of acid-base. Roman mold tips such as: acid often cause granite pyrite oxidation and spit yellow phenomenon, the acid will break down the calcium carbonate contained in the marble, causing surface erosion, mold base will be eroded granite feldspar and quartz grain boundary silicide crystallization of grain caused peeling phenomenon.
Another example is the non-neutral aqueous cleaners waxes or wax, wax, oil, acrylic wax mold generally contain pH, prolonged use causes surface gloss lost Roman, Roman pharmaceutical residues can cause problems in the future. Reasonable care to ensure the long-term mold Roman Roman's beautiful!
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