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Interpretation of Roman products change on our lives

Characteristics of Roman products generally tend Continental characteristics as beautiful, gives the feeling is not normal, but in the choice of the gypsum division, still points to note, is very important.
First, to see the thickness. Roman plaster relief decoration of goods necessary to have the appropriate thickness, which was adjusted to ensure that the affinity between the molecules arrive best, then make sure that the safety of the use of certain age and use period.
Secondly, look at the finish. Since the plaster image markings when the device can no longer be matte painting and other processing, so the need for a high surface finish. After the appearance of fine, smooth feel of painted plaster relief decoration goods equipment, it will have a good effect of the decoration.
Third, look at markings. Good quality plaster relief decoration goods, a significant degree of image stripe unevenness, fine production. After the device is completed by the appearance of painting process, still insist on three-dimensional.
Night city lights is red, people do not think this is the night. Roman column appeared, was our favorite beauty products Roman appearance of unprecedented, it is assumed to use "light" to express the hard exterior of the building and can be described as very Dengfeng. Roman did use high transmittance of optical material molded to make such tedious Roman, no easy task. You may find variation movement has emerged, not only the pillar of the marble and plastic.
Roman did a series of products, skills, the choice is another method - Iron! Stubborn iron forced into submission arranged the Roman body like delicate thread empty column, and then covered with lacquer posing stone. Roman mold through thread space, see the scattered light, which is LED lamp light, scattered and not random, scattered and not true, and just regular column body constituted cf. After lighting all Roman body come alive in front of both the structure and the appearance. Really wonderful ah!
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