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Brief resin products used in the plating

Resin now used in various fields, resin production of handicrafts, furniture, flooring, ornaments, decorative items and other products have become the mainstream of the 21st century, do crafts resin has become a hot industry, made out of copper plating process resin products only may be made in the shape of a variety of forms, color also can also make a lot of color. Its production process is simple, but in the shape lifelike appearance.
Currently on the market there are imitation gold, imitation silver, crystal, agate imitation, imitation glass, imitation marble, imitation copper imitation bone carving, sandstone imitation, imitation marble, imitation jade, imitation ivory, imitation marble, imitation mahogany, imitation pottery, wood and other resin products. Wherein the resin crafts copper is increasingly affected by everyone's favorite, the effect is realistic, and electroless copper plating simple and environmentally friendly.
Chinese traditional culture and advanced handicraft production technology to produce a wide variety and have a good moral exquisite handicrafts. Our products imaginative, personalized, differentiated, characteristic of the expression, highlight the style, favored by customers and appreciation, products sold abroad. Company perennial for government agencies at all levels, enterprises and government institutions to provide gifts and gifts of Foreign Affairs, copper resin crafts business gifts provided for the name of the enterprise agencies, business gifts, commemorative gifts, public relations gifts, promotional gifts. I plant with advanced handicraft production equipment, sophisticated copper and other resin processing technology, to create a force in the beautiful has meaning, on the level of art. If you want personalized products, we also accept custom Oh. As long as you can think of, we do come. Welcome to private custom, factory orders, price concessions, quality Leverage.
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