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Magnesia pots, flowers healthy growth of paradise

Flower pots are the cradle of growth, to the flowers will not be strangled in the cradle, grow up healthy, you need to grow a favorable flower pots magnesia. Magnesium oxide is a cementitious material, alias Kutu, dissolved salts and ammonium salts, insoluble in water. In the field of environmental protection, magnesia flowerpot has three purposes: acid-containing wastewater treatment, heavy metal removal and flue gas desulfurization. Magnesia divided into two types, one is light magnesium oxide, the other is heavy magnesium oxide. Generally used in the manufacture of light magnesia refractories, Humectants can also be used in the manufacture of ceramic, enamel, lubricants, additives, stabilizers and the like. As awareness of the advantages of the continuous improvement of magnesia applications, environmental control project requirements increasingly stringent, magnesium oxide in the future will show its mettle in the field of environmental protection.
Different plants require different pots, which seems to us wearing the same clothes, children's clothes we do not wear, code number is too large clothes we do not wear, only the right size clothes we wear to look better . However, if the appearance of the unsuitable style, obviously youthful age, was wearing her mother's clothes of that era, like this dress will make people feel very strange. In fact, the choice of clothes for people, like the choice of plant pots of the same. When we need to choose a suitable flower pots, but we want to take note of these issues. We produce magnesium oxide is different pots of trees to design, during the design, according to people like the look, as well as to design appropriate size, with such a tree pots will be more suitable for plant growth this sub-basin of the tree is appropriate.
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