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Crafts manufacturers explain in detail system art process

Resin crafts craft is a new breed prevailed in recent years, it was vivid shape, won the majority of consumers love, as its sales are rising. Resin crafts technology so friends know how many manufacturers is how to make handicrafts products such vivid it? Production process and what it does? Crafts factory just below a look "system art" process it. Resin products from the raw material resin through the die casting molding to form various shapes of products. Resin crafts mold making material is quite broad, it is low cost and can produce all kinds of styling products have mold. Such as various sets of doors and windows, vases, relief waistline, Roman column, relief Motif, eaves line, flowers, antique sofas, antique European-style bed. These are everywhere in our lives, oh, at this point we should have a better understanding of resin products, right? First, according to their own preferences to determine Crafts style, and then use the appropriate shape made of silicone rubber mold, in an appropriate amount of filler added to the unsaturated resin and stir, if not stir it, made out of craft might be a lot of flaws , followed by stirring evenly to unsaturated adding curing agent and accelerator in the resin continues to stir poured into a mold; and finally the resin is cured release wait, get crafts require.
Crafts manufacturers in the resin handicrafts production technology, in order to avoid holes, mold in the corner to add a vent to facilitate the extraction air, reducing the probability of pores occur, minimize the use of white and red of raw materials, an increase of clotting time, use more dilute resin material or less filler, the mold air extraction clean. In the production process, if you notice these small details, then you do it must be very fine crafts.
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