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Dongguan cement crafts and flowers also useful material

Dongguan Cement crafts, including many with cement flower pots, vases cement, cement cylinder and so on. Wherein the cement potted flowers planted too beautiful United States does not, except in respect of the flower itself looks outside, a large part will have to see the flowers you know do not know how to pick a good "home." If you are more like a meat person, then certainly more meat "platter" soft spot, pick a few favorite little more than fresh meat, makes up a castle, or a caring, always make people happy very close. If you want a unique shape of cement pots may not have to buy yourself too simple. In the remainder of flowers, all kinds of waste materials utilized, when a return to the artist himself, creating a unique style Dongguan Cement crafts, engraved desired pattern, or the name or date, also record life bit by bit Oh great style.
The main materials used: cement, water
Tools: waste paper, containers, toothbrushes, gloves, small pieces of PVC pipe
Operation step-outs:
1, the direct use of white cement, adding an appropriate amount of water and stir into a thick mud.
2, in the container covered with 2-3 layers of waste paper, and sprinkle with the right amount of water to wet thereon.
3, the cement slurry into the container, insert small pieces of PVC pipe, and then continue to pour cement for more than half the height of the container can be.
4, then take a certain amount of waste paper balled, equivalent to the size ball of paper to be produced cement basin volume.
5, the newspaper group slowly pressed into the cement slurry, do not press in the end, it guaranteed an intermediate position in the cement. Press release about 5 minutes.
6, which was placed in the outdoor natural solidification, approximately 6-8 hours can release. In this case, the whole out, carefully peel off the paper.
7, then you can re-processing and let a more beautiful flower pots. For example, gently carve point groove pattern or polish with a toothbrush and let pots smoother.
Because Dongguan Cement crafts which contains many minerals needed for plant growth, so in pots and other containers made of cement plants grown will be relatively strong.
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